Copy of hair care & styling


natural hair shampoo blow dry/flat iron style

Time: 1 hour   Cost: $65.00

natural styling/wash & wear looks

Shampoo and natural style, wearing hair at its natural state with products to enhance natural texture. This service is only 1 hour if drying time is required.

Time: 45 minutes   Cost: $35.00

hair curling/flat ironing - dry clean hair

This service is only provided if clients hair has been recently shampooed (within 2 days or less). This fee is for freshly shampooed hair that is dried and does not require rinsing out of any conditioners/products and the client arrives complete dry and ready for thermal styling. If we have to blow dry or bring you to shampoo bowl for any reason then it is not considered a hair curling style only. It will be up to salon/staff members discretion if this service can be rendered based on cleanliness of hair and or product build-up.

Time: 20 minutes    Cost: $45.00

natural hair shampoo styling/flat twist set(s)

Flat Twist set natural style, Bantu Knots and two strand twist sets all fall under this service type. For smaller sectioning of two strand twisting there may be additional fees based on timing required.

Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes   Cost: $75.00

two strand twist set

This service included a shampoo and moisturizing detangling spray. The size of the twist are small to medium. If clients hair has the volume and density that requires more than two hours a surcharge will be applied.

Time: 2 hours   Cost: $150.00

shampoo & round brush blow out

This service is not recommended for naturally textured kinky girls. This service does not include additional straightening with a flat iron or styling with a curling iron. This option works well for clients with fine to medium textures.

Time: 45 minutes   Cost: $40.00

short hair shampoo, wrap & style

Shampoo and mold hair. Client is placed under the dryer, hair is then styled to clients liking with either a curling/flat iron and required products.

Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes  Cost: $65.00

chemically relaxed hair shampoo blow dry/flat iron style

Time: 45 minutes   Cost: $65.00

relaxer re-touch

This service is for clients who require a re-touch on their previously relaxed hair. To not over process the hair, a minimum of 2" of new growth is suggested, which is on average 8 weeks or more. The process consists of a post relaxer treatment at the bowl, shampoo, blow dry and style or shampoo, wrap and style.

Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes   Cost: $100.00

virgin relaxer

This is a chemical straightening service for clients with hair that has never been chemically processed or has 6+ months of new growth.

Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes   Cost: $150.00


Softening the natural curl with a mild relaxer helps to elongate natural hair and reduces frizz. This process will have varying results based on natural curl pattern.

Time: 1 hour   Cost: $95.00

clip ons

The clip ons are installed by row. This quick service is great for adding quick pops of color, fullness and/or length.

Time: 5 minutes    Cost: $10.00


Client may provide hair used for this service or choose from the salon's selection for an additional fee. Please note that the salon's prices vary based on length, texture and quality of hair desired. 

Time: 45 minutes   Cost: $75.00

wig application & styling

Time: 2 hours   Cost:  $125.00

two cornrows - no hair added

This service included a shampoo and blow dry before braiding of natural hair. If the client desires to add hair an extra fee will be applied.

Time: 45 minutes   Cost: $65.00


Our haircuts and trims are priced based on stylist level and experience. A trim and cut are the same cost because the trim experience and technique doesn't change with the amount of hair being cut.

Time: 40 minutes   Cost: $55.00

herbal treatment with steamer

This treatment allows a customized conditioner to penetrate with our steaming process.

Time: 20 minutes   Cost: $20.00