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full head sewn weave installation

This service is for a client who wishes to have a full head of extensions sewn. We will leave out the perimeter and parting area. This process usually requires two bundles of hair, if the client would like to use 3 or more bundles, there will be and up-charge of $75.00 for each extra bundle added.

Time: 4 hours   Cost: $550.00

full head weave with closure (not frontal or 360')

This service is for clients who wish to add a closure to their full head weave install. We do not install frontals or 360' units.

Time: 4 hours   Cost: $575.00

half head weave

This service is for a client who only wishes to have half their head installed with extensions. This process requires only 1 bundle of hair. If the client wishes to use more than 1 bundle, the cost will will be adjusted accordingly.

Time: 2 hours, 30 minutes    Cost: $250.00

partial sewn weave by row

This service is for shorter hair clients that opt for a sewn weave by row. This process is only in a half section of head, usually in the bang area.

Time: 15 minutes   Cost: $25.00

partial sewn weave removal

This service is generally for short hair clients who have had a small section of extensions sewn into their hair. Partial sewn weaves generally last for 3-4 weeks.

Time: 5 minutes   Cost: $5.00

full row weave sewn

This service is for clients opting to have us sew a full row of extensions into their hair. This service does not include the cost of the hair and is recommended for thicker textures of hair.

Time: 35 minutes   Cost: $65.00

weave shampoo & style

This service is for clients wearing extensions that need a shampoo, drying time under a dryer and flat/curl iron & style.

Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes   Cost: $65.00

weave tightening

This service is for clients who have had a weave installed by us. We do not tighten or adjust any weaves we have not installed. This service should be done within 3 months of the initial install. We will not adjust or tighten any extensions that have been installed past 3 months. We recommend that extensions should not be kept for 2-3 months; this is generally based on medium to coarse textures and clients who are not thinning. If you are thinning please contact the salon to discuss the best options for thinning hair.

Time: 25 minutes   Cost: $25.00